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Solution focused supervision

Supervision is a forum where supervisees review and reflect on their practise in order to continue to grow and improve and enable the highest level of competence in their provision.

Supervision is a requirement of professional associations; AfSFH, NCH, CNHC, BACP (etc) and supervisees could be subject to an audit.


As a Solution Focused Supervisor, I operate from a respectful, non-expert and collaborative viewpoint focusing on the strengths, resources, learning and experience of the Group and Individual Practitioners.

I offer supervision in the following ways:

In groups (face-to-face or via Zoom) Cost: £30 for up to 3 hour session

Individually (face-to-face by telephone or Zoom) Cost: £15 for 30 minutes  £30 for 1 hour


Group supervision sessions are most likely to take place on Sundays and individual sessions on Tuesdays and Fridays (a list of dates can be requested by e-mail)


All discussions are confidential. (Exemptions may apply if safeguarding is considered an issue; please refer to the Code of Conduct, Ethics and Performance for AfSFH or NCH, CNHC, BACP or any other relevant organisation/association)


I will keep a record of the dates, times and duration of your supervision session/s alongside any relevant notes (subject to GDPR, 2018). If you are required to present verification of your supervision hours for audit then I am happy to supply the relevant information to your association.


It is expected that you as the supervisee, will initiate the supervision meeting either by contacting me directly to arrange a one-to-one meeting or by responding to advertised group sessions.


Requests for individual supervision sessions should be made by e-mail to


In an emergency you may contact me by mobile on 07802 286386. Your call may not be answered immediately but I will endeavour to respond as soon as I can. Supervisees will be made aware if I am away on holiday and should make provision to contact another supervisor in my absence should the need arise.

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