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The importance of learning to relax

Complete relaxation is more than just sitting down to watch TV. It involves complete letting go of any areas of tension in your body and allowing your mind to quieten. When you relax your heartrate slows and your blood pressure lowers and this feels great! But you may not be aware that you will also feel the benefits of improved digestion, reduction in pain and muscle tension, improved sleep, concentration and better mood.



Relaxation can help with chronic pain

When we experience pain particularly in our back or neck, we naturally tense the muscles around the painful area. This makes the pain feel worse. Full body relaxation can help the mind to focus on the parts of the body where there is no pain, relax the tense muscles and bring relief.

Group relaxation

Being part of a relaxation group means that you get to meet others and support each other in your practise. Hearing how others are benefitting from better sleep and a calmer approach can encourage you to develop good habits too. The more you practise, the better you get!

What happens in a group relaxation session?

Relaxation exercises vary week on week but we always start with breathing exercises and relaxed posture. We may include some meditation but we always spend at least 30 minutes of each session experiencing a beautiful guided visualisation for complete relaxation of mind and body.

Online or face-to-face?

Group relaxation sessions take place online and in person. Online is great for busy people or those with young children who want to be able to relax in their own home. You can also maintain privacy if you prefer by turning off your camera whilst practising. In person is great for getting to know others, taking time away from stressful environments and spending quality time with a group of friends.


Can I book a one-to-one relaxation session?

If you would prefer a one-off relaxation session just for yourself or an individually designed course of sessions to suit your specific needs then please get in touch. I am more than happy to work with you either online or in person. Sessions can be for 30 minutes or for 1 hour. If you know a stressed out person why not but them a session as a gift!

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