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Online solution focused hypnotherapy

Benefits of online hypnotherapy

When you choose online hypnotherapy, you are able to experience exactly the same structure as you would in a therapy room but you are in your own home; often the space where you feel safest and most comfortable. You don’t have to worry about finding a parking space, busy traffic or arriving on time! The space you choose to experience your therapy becomes associated with feeling calm and relaxed and a space you can retreat to when you want to re-create these feelings.


Who is online hypnotherapy suitable for?

Online hypnotherapy can work for anybody with an appropriate device, access to Zoom and email and the means to pay for the session via bank transfer. It is particularly helpful for those experiencing chronic pain (see below). With particular stipulations online hypnotherapy can also be accessed by teenagers under the age of 18 (see terms and conditions).

How does online hypnotherapy work?

All you need to do is download Zoom onto your device (click the Zoom logo on the right to go to the Zoom site). This can be a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. This is free and easy to do. Everything else will then be organised for you with a link to each of your sessions being sent to you by e-mail. Click on the link at the designated time for your session and you will connect. You will also be sent a contract to agree to our terms and conditions of working together. You must verify by e-mail that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions before online therapy can begin.


How are sessions structured?

Sessions last from 50 minutes to 1 hour. The first session online will be an initial consultation where we will explore the nature of the issue that you would like help with. You will be given a password to download a language file from the website to begin practising relaxation in your own home. Further sessions will involve solution focused questioning followed by deep relaxation where you will experience a trance state. I play music and talk to you as you relax just as I would in my therapy room. During this part of the session you may choose to turn off your camera if you feel more comfortable but I will ask you to turn it on again at the end of the session to check that you are fully awake and to organise our next session.

Online hypnotherapy for chronic pain

If you suffer from chronic and debilitating pain which prevents you from being able to travel comfortably or restricts your access then online therapy is an ideal solution. You can make yourself as comfortable as possible in your own home and even schedule your hypnotherapy session later in the evening to support restful sleep and relaxation. Deep relaxation has positive benefits for relieving chronic pain as it eases tension from the muscles around the painful area and brings relief. Access to a sound file also means that you will be able to recreate the deep relaxation each night before you go to sleep or at any point when you need pain relief.

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