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This relaxation session is available to download for you to use in the comfort of your own home and at a time to suit you. The recording includes instructions for use. Please make sure that you listen to these instructions before you begin. The download is for your personal use only and must not be shared with any group or used for commercial gain. I hope you enjoy!

Please note that whilst the recordings on this page are free for your own personal use the recordings and their contents remain the property of Eclipse Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. You may not, except with express written permission, distribute or commercially exploit the content. Nor may you transmit it or store it in any other website or other form of electronic retrieval system. Thank you for your cooperation.

Relaxation for children

These relaxation downloads are designed to be used before bedtime to help your child relax and go to sleep.  They are aimed at children aged 4 to 10 years old.

The downloads includes some breathing exercises, a guided visualisation and a metaphor (story). I strongly advise that you listen to the download first to check that it is suitable for your child. For example, younger children sometimes find the breathing exercises at the beginning of Magic Rainbow Dragon a little difficult. If your child finds this section too long then you could forward to the ‘birthday cake’ exercise and go from there.

Before you begin please read the following instructions to ensure that you and you little one/s get the most from the relaxation experience.

  • Make sure that your child is in a quiet, warm and comfortable space

  • Depending upon the age of your child, you might need to help them with their seating position for the first part of the relaxation. Your child may choose to sit on the floor but sitting upright with a straight but relaxed spine. If they choose to lean against something, that’s fine. With practice they will find their comfortable place and if you need to stop, rewind, try again in different seating positions then just go with the flow!

  • Once your child has moved into the lying down position for the second part of the relaxation, stay close by to ensure that they are relaxed and comfortable.

  • Once lying down, they should use a pillow or cushion to support their head and cover themselves with their covers. When we relax our temperature sometimes lowers so we can feel a little chilly.

  • At the end of the relaxation your child should be able to drift off to sleep.

  • Why not give it a go together or get other members of the family involved! You might find that adults enjoy listening too 😊

  • If you are interested in the creation of a more bespoke version of this download for your child including their name, ‘best cake ever’ and ‘happy colour’ please get in touch with me.

  • I am always happy to hear from my ‘mini-critics’ with any feedback they may have and ideas for other adventures and stories to be included in future downloads.

Sleep relaxation

This relaxation download is designed to be used once you are ready to go to sleep.

It is aimed at adults but could also be used by older children and teenagers under adult supervision and guidance.

The download lasts for about 10 minutes and includes some gentle focus on breathing followed by a body scan and a guided visualisation.

The download is for your personal use and should not be copied, recorded or shared with anyone else.

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