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Sleep disturbance

Sleep problems that solution focused hypnotherapy can help with:

•    Insomnia (difficulty sleeping)
•    Hypersomnia (excessive sleep)
•    Disrupted sleep patterns
•    Night terrors
•    Teeth grinding

Often clients would like to wave a magic wand and have their wish of a good night’s sleep granted.  They recognise the rejuvenating and reenergising effects of sleep that would help them to cope so much better with life, claiming that ‘if only I could get a good night’s sleep I would feel like a new person.’

The first thing clients often notice on beginning Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a change in their sleep. This may include sleeping longer or experiencing a better quality of sleep from which they awaken feeling more refreshed.

Sleep can help us to enjoy life to the full. It is during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep that we dream and literally or metaphorically re-run the day’s events. Getting enough REM sleep can help us to empty our minds of the stress that has accumulated during the day so that we start each day afresh.

Solution focused hypnotherapy can help you to:

  • Deal with underlying issues affecting sleep

  • Improve your ‘sleep hygiene’

  • Understand the importance of dream (REM) sleep

  • Re-organise your sleep patterns

  • Awaken feeling more positive and refreshed

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